Model: Tribute to Stuart Long

Dual String Trees for better tone

Locking Machine Heads

Reverse Side - Traditional

3 Pickup Set-up with added switching!

Perloid Scratchplate

Compensated Saddles

Reversed Switch allows for Violining on Volume

Push/Push Switch  joins Neck and Bridge for the Trad. Tele sound

Push/Push Switch gives Single Coil or Humbucking middle pickup

Graph Tech Nut

Vintage Frets

Tribute to Stuart Long

The reason for making this guitar goes back to a customer called Stuart Long who asked me to build a guitar using pickups he had chosen.

Some years later, for some unknown reason, Stuart demonstrated the guitar on uTube and it was so popular I had numerous e-mails asking me about the wiring of this guitar and could I do the same for them.

A middle pickup  - humbucker - was added to a normal Telecaster. Taking the original scratchplate, a hole was cut to accomodate the pickup and a 5 way selector fitted. The idea was to have 'your cake and eat it' guitar. To have the Telecaster sounds with the additional sounds from a middle pickup.

Fitting the 5 way switch prevents the neck and middle Tele combination so a Push/Pull switch on the Tone was added.  While this Push/Pull switch works in either the 1st or 5th position to combine the neck and bridge pickups, a spin off to this wiring allows for ALL 3 pickups to come on when the 2nd and 4th positions are selected.

The Volume also has a Push/Pull switch that allows the middle pickup to go from fat to thin Humbucking - but this was confused in the video as being 'out of phase' which it was not.

Then control plate was turned 180 degrees as this ergonomically allows for volume violining.

11 Different sounds

From the diagram shown, there are 11 different sounds:

5 from the normal Stratocaster selection.

1 additional from the Telecaster Neck and Middle selection

1 variation on the All 3 pickups when alt.from Parallel /Series

1 additional from 'Middle' when  ALL 3 pick-ups on.

1 additional from 'Middle' when  when alt. from Parallel /Series

2 additional from switching the Middle alt. from Parallel/Series when selecting Neck & Middle and Bridge and Middle.